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Our Instructor Bill Harkess is a former DSA ADI examiner. He now provides honest and accurate mock Learner & ADI Part 2 & 3 tests. He provides 100% accurate and concise feedback on your performance. He also provides you with guidance and tips for your test. 

In addition, he provides mock or role play ADI Standard's Test and Fleet Check Tests.

The advantages of a mock test are:-

It helps to establish whether you are ready for your real test.

It will help you to get used to the procedures and conditions that you will encounter on your real test.

Candidates often feel under more pressure even when they know it’s a mock test and not a real one. Learning to cope with the pressure is useful to experience before going for test.

We provide advice and development before your test, and if necessary can accompany you on test at your local driving test centre.

We can supply a school car or use your own vehicle. 



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Driving Standard Driver Training Scotland

Driving Lessons available at Grangemouth & Livingston Test Centre.

Towing Trailer courses throughout Scotland.

ADI & PDI Training available throughout Scotland.

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